The road less travelled - mixed case

The road less travelled - mixed case

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This constant yearning to find the brilliant yet authentically local (aka good value) experience, is unquenching, often a failure, but truly satisfying when the perfect discovery is made. This is the sole purpose of the Unexplored Regions case: to take you off the beaten track… away from the main square, round the corner, and down a passage, to a place of little renown but immense reward. These are regions that do not make the canon of classic wine tours, but are all the better for it. Even better yet, the research has all been done for you, so you can trust that these are all high quality wines, super value by nature of their location, and virtually unheard of by everybody else you know.

Includes x2 bottles of each:

2018 Collection Chenin Chardonnay, Jérémie Mourat
2019 Grüner Veltliner Felix, Weingut Weszeli
2016 Rebula, Edi Simčič
2018 Garnatxa Negra, Herència Altés
2018 Spätburgunder, Weingut Schwarztrauber
2018 Old Vine Zinfandel, Gnarly Head

About the Wines

Collection Chenin Chardonnay, Jérémie Mourat 2018
Fiefs Vendéens, France

Fiefs Vendéens in the Vendée-Poitou region of western France now comes under the wider Loire Valley administration, though it sits half way between Nantes and Cognac. Historically an important wine producing region around the city of Poitiers, because of its significant moderating influence from the Atlantic, now it is virtually unknown outside of France. Jérémie Mourat in Mareuil makes the most of a lack of such expectations, to make truly inspiring and often experimental wines with a playful approach to local rules, growing organically and fermenting in concrete eggs for example (just look at the quirky bottle too). The Collection Chenin/Chardonnay is made from 20 year-old vines, is bottled very lightly filtered to preserve the purity of the fruit and body of the wine. Definitely one to show somebody who thinks that they have tried them all.

Grüner Veltliner Felix, Weingut Weszeli 2019
Niederösterreich, Austria

Niederösterreich transalates as lower Austria in the north-east if the country, furthest from the Alpine mountains. This is the most fertile and productive region of the country for wine. Weszeli are based in Kamptal, a small but hugely respected appellation particularly for Riesling and Grüner Veltliner. Weszeli’s has brilliant parcels, always at prime spots of the best vineyards. Working organically, these beautiful wines display immense minerality and crisp limey freshness.

Rebula, Edi Simčič 2016
Goriška Brda, Slovenia

Slovenia has a long and rich tradition of winemaking, but stays well under the radar in export markets, perhaps other than top sommelier lists. The Primorski region runs down the length of the border with the Italian winemaking region of Friuli, and shares the same soil and varieties, namely in this case Rebula (Ribolla Gialla). Goriška Brda is the most northerly of the sub-appellations, and the most highly regarded, on top of that Edi Simčič is about as lauded as they come. Fantastically ripened grapes result in the relatively intense aroma for Simčič’s Rebula. Offering dried apples, lemon and lime, with a nice balsamic and honeyed touch. Aged in large barriques, the oak is subtle and provides a little smokiness as well as ageability. Dry and fresh on the palate, with notes of white blossom rather than fruit, and richly textured. Great tension and a little saline.

Garnatxa Negra, Herència Altés 2018
Terra Alta, Spain

Herència Altés are based in Terra Alta, a relatively unknown but rapidly ascending region of southern Catalunya, close to Priorat. Many of the country’s best Garnatxa (Grenache) come from here, and none more highly regarded than Herència Altés. Wild and rugged, a natural garrigue herbiness infuses thrillingly with the best examples, case in point here.

Spätburgunder, Weingut Schwarztrauber 2018
Pfalz, Germany

Squeezed between the Rhine and Haardt mountain range, Pfalz is one of the most important wine producing regions of Germany, and excels at growing high quality Pinot Noir. Organic since 1986, Schwarztrauber keep yields low and try to preserve ecological balance in every decision that they make; the resulting minimalistic approach (low sulphites) produces this elegant and bright style of Pinot Noir from Pfalz; brilliant for drinking chilled.

Old Vine Zinfandel, Gnarly Head 2018
Lodi, USA

Lodi is found in central California and although relatively far removed from the coast, is moderated by the multitude of estuaries coming down from the Sierra foothills. The region is famous for its own variety, Zinfandel, of which is blessed by old vines or original rootstocks. Dense, dark and deep. This is full-bodied, intensley expressive and fruity. Plums, blueberries, spice and a long silky finsh. Soaring match for red meat and the richest of meals.


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